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At Rocklin Endurance Sports we believe that every athlete, regardless of age, experience, or ability, should ride a bicycle comfortably, pain free and efficiently.

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Whether you just bought a bike or have been riding the same bike for years, get more comfort and efficiency by getting a bike fit today.

Our bicycle fitting process combines state-of-the-art technology with old-world mastery to deliver the most exceptional fit experience anywhere.

  • Fitting bikes to riders is easily the most important aspect of selecting a new bike.  Bikes aren’t all built with the same geometry and knowing which bike is a good fit for you will assure miles of comfort & great performance.
  • Rich Burns is F.I.S.T. Certified in both Tri and Road bike fitting.  F.I.S.T. (Fit Institute Slowtwitch) method was developed by Dan Empfield, Founder of Quintana Roo, industry expert in equipment & multisport performance.  F.I.S.T.  Technicians are highly qualified bike fitters.
  • Full Fits are performed on a “Fit Bike” or “Bicycle Position Simulator”. RES utilizes the “Exit Bike”.  The Exit Bike” is set up to allow the fitter to vary every measurement on the bike to get you in the most comfortable & efficient position possible.  This takes the bike out of the equation, so we are not constrained by the size of an existing bike.  Our “Fit Bike” allows us to determine the optimal rider position without the limitations of their current bike.  The “Exit Bike” will identify your personal “Stack & Reach” which will assist you in purchasing the proper frame size regardless of the manufacturer.
  • Full Bike Fit on “Exit Bike” or your existing bike can take up to 2 hours.  When you leave the fitting session, you will know all measurements to choose a bike that is right for you, or modify your current bike. This full Performance Bike Fit is included with the purchase of every bike.
  • Many athletes use a quick fit to change their road bike into a triathlon bike often involving changing stems, spacers & installing forward seat posts & aerobars. Fitting is Complimentary with purchase of Aero Equipment.

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